How should we start our own project? what is the first step?

Pavone Clinic
pubslished on
August 13, 2020

Plan and start, this is what Mrs. Reem Halawani said during her last interview with Jordan TV. 

Start your first step now, delaying could make you lose your enthusiasm, loosing it could affect your success , your first step should be done with enthusiasm plus being knowledgeable of what you are going to serve, what is the product and who is your target group.

Financial struggles is always one of the biggest struggles that faces youth specially to start their own project so they have to focus on being optimistic and try to create solutions like starting in services sector and low capital, passion in what you are doing entrepreneurs might not sleep for the sake of what they love and work in and if you have the plan and the project that needs money then show your project to funded companies if yours was good then they would help you with your investment.

No results? first of all you have to be realistic , secondly maybe you are missing out that there could be gaps check again your marketing plan the problem could be unrequired product or lack of spreading information about your product an this could be done with some creative ideas in video making for example or a professional photography session. And asking experts for help in marketing planning and social media as long it is so effective is also a good solution because they can see things you are not seeing it.

How Covid19 pandemic affected entrepreneurs?  Could this pandemic be the right time to start? entrepreneurs are people who exploit opportunities Covid19 could be an opportunity to start your project by searching what people need now during this pandemic what services could make people life’s easier. For example people are now depending more on online shopping, distance learning and working from home too, designing and creating websites or apps to help people get their needs is so intelligent. 

 People who are financially able to start their own project and wont start are suffering from fear, afraid from losing their money or failing. A small detail could be your competitive advantage that leads you to success. Entrepreneurs are investors too. High capital is not a must, working hard and thinking in a right way are the keys toward a successful future. Start even if you don’t have high capital.

At the end these are some tips , first of all being passionate of what you are doing secondly collect information in order to avoid problems by asking experts and lawyers , unfortunately cemetery is a place where ideas are buried too , people pass away before facing their fears in being entrepreneurs. Don’t kill your ideas share it, discuss it and implement it.